After previewing the first day of the “I Love Anisong” for Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015, we now turn our focus on Saturday. It will be a special Pony Canyon night or P’s Live for short. Featuring a myriad of Pony Canyon singers, it will definitely be a highly anticipated night for fans of seiyuu and anisong.

Ayana Taketatsu

Member of the seiyuu duo unit Petit Milady, Ayachi as she is affectionately called, she is extremely well known for her cute voice. Some of her notable roles include Azusa from K-ON, Kirino from OreImo and Suguha from Sword Art Online. If you missed her back in AFA 2009, This is definitely a chance for you to make up for that chance!

Suzuko Mimori

I’m sure she is no stranger to all of you! A member of the popular anime idol group μ’s and also the seiyuu unit Milky Holmes, Mimorin is no stranger to AFA. However, this is her first time performing as a solo artist and you will definitely be in for an amazing night with her cheerful songs. This is an even bigger treat as she will probably be performing her new song Light For Knight at the concert. I guess for the Mimorin fans out there, they will definitely be saying “aitai yo”.

Maaya Uchida

A seiyuu with a huge range of roles, Mayayan has captured the hearts of many with both her adorable looks and voice. She seems to have a penchant for voicing characters with chuunibyou like Rika from Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai and Ranko from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. Fittingly, her debut single seems to reflect on that too. Also, for the Cinderella Girls fans who are sad they are unable to attend the 3rd live, at least you can check out Ranko’s seiyuu at this concert!

Shiori Mikami

Akari~n! Voicing the ever so non-existent girl with jellyfish underwear, Mikashii will be taking the stage! Being part of the seiyuu unit Nanamori Chu☆Gorakubu, she will definitely bring smiles to everyone with her antics! Being part of the Yuru Yuri cast, we might get to see her collaborating alongside fellow cast members Ayachi and Mimorin!

Yurika Endo

As the winner of the Grand-Prix awards at the 2nd Pony Canyon “Koe Tama Grand-Prix Audition”, she is definitely a singing powerhouse! Since she didn’t get a chance to perform at AFAID’s concert, this will definitely be a chance to catch her live!

Hanamori Yumiri

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Nicknamed Hanabay, she already has shown her prowess as a seiyuu. Be it the adorable (and really useless at times) Uri-tan from ETOTAMA, to the soft spoken alien Chiaya from THE ROLLING GIRLS, she has proved to be a great seiyuu despite her young age. Now I just wonder what will she be performing at the concert, but I’m sure it will be a worth it for sure!



What is there to say about this newcomer to the ani-song world? For starters, her voice is spectacular. Just by listening her debut single, “Cry for Truth”, you can hear the strength behind her voice. You just wouldn’t expect such a powerful voice coming from such a cute face. Although she has just debut, you definitely will want to see and hear more of her in the future!

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AFASG 2015 – 27,28,29 November 2015, Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center www.animefestival.asia/afasg15