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Yuyu Arata from Stand-Up! Hearts

After winning a recent competition hosted by Idol-supporting app, CHEERZ, Stand-Up! Hearts will be coming to Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2015! The competition was held between 26 September to 27 September, and the idol who gets the most ‘Cheers’ from fans will be brought to AFASG. Yuyu Arata represented Stand-Up! Hearts in this competition, where she garnered 571103 total cheers within the two-day period to clinch victory.

The ranking board at the stroke of midnight

Below is the list of participating idols (and their groups) in ranking order:

  1. 新ユウユ Yuyu Arata from Stand-Up! Hearts
  2. 田崎礼奈 Reina Tasaki from notall
  3. 児島真理奈 Marina Kojima from ミライスカート (Mirai Skirt)
  4. 苺りなはむ Rinahamu Ichigo from BPM15Q
  5. 大崎きら Kira Osaki from シブヤDOMINION (Shibuya DOMINION)
  6. 一ノ瀬みか Mika Ichinose from 神宿 (Kamiyado)
  7. 田村 帆野佳 Honoka Tamura ORANGE PORT

Stand-Up! Hearts?

Afilia Saga’s sister group, Stand-Up! Hearts is a 9 member idol group. Auditions for MAGES. new idol project, “Stand-Up! Project” was held in February 2014, a trial group was formed in July. Following that in September the same year, the idol group, Stand-Up! Hearts was officially formed.  As they do not have their own songs yet, they perform cover songs mostly written by Chiyomaru Shikura. By the way, Chiyomaru Shikura came to AFASG before in 2011 with Kanako Ito. Certain members from the group work in the Afilia Group of cafes.


Members from top row, left to right: Kotone Uchida, Madoka Usami, Yuno Yurano, Karin Ochi, Yuyu Arata, Rie Tachibana, Kazune Manami, Nijika, Sumire Moriyama.

Some notable lives Stand-Up! Hearts have performed at include Live5pb.2014 at Tokyo Dome City Hall, France’s JAPAN EXPO 2015 just a few months ago and @JAM EXPO 2015 at Yokohama Arena just a month ago. Check out the footage of Stand-Up! Hearts Live at Japan Expo 2015 just below.

Some of the songs that they have covered previously include:

  • Triangle Wave (Memories Off 6 OP)
  • Sorairo Days
  • Drawing Again
  • Soukoku no Spica
  • May I Help You? (Servant x Service OP)
  • Kyouiku Teki Shidou


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