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As announced previously, Suzuko Mimori will be performing at AFASG 2015 as part of the P’s LIVE! segment. For many of us, Suzuko Mimori might be a familiar name. She has a successful career as a seiyuu, voicing in popular anime such as Love Live, Infinite Stratos. She had been to AFASG as part of the Milky Holmes cast and Love Live cast for a few years. However, this year she will be coming as a solo artiste as part of P’s LIVE! on the second day of the I Love Anisong concerts.

For those who may not be familiar with Suzuko Mimori as a solo artiste, lets take a look at some of her solo singing career. To date she has released 4 singles with a 5th one slated to be released on the 21 October 2015. She has also released 2 full albums and 2 LIVE TOUR BD/DVDs.

Solo Career

2013 – Debut

Her solo career as a singer started on 3 April 2013 with her first single titled “Aitai yo… Aitai yo!” (会いたいよ…会いたいよ!). The coupling song for this single, titled “Mirai Start” (ミライスタート) was used as the OP Theme song for TV Anime My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Her second single, “Yakusoku shiteyo? Issho dayo!” (約束してよ?一緒だよ!) followed three months later. Her third single titled “Univer Page” (ユニバーページ), released on 23 October 2013, clinched the 5th place on the Oricon Weekly charts. The titular track for this single was used as the OP Theme song for TV Anime Outbreak Company.

2014 – First Album & LIVE TOUR 2014 『大好きっ』

The first release of her solo career in 2014 was her first album. Titled “Suki” (好きっ), her first album was released on 2 April 2014, with 14 tracks in total (8 new tracks). This release managed to clinch 9th place on the Oricon Weekly charts. On 6 August the same year, she released her 4th single. “Seiippai, Tsutaetai!” (せいいっぱい、つたえたい!). The title song was used as the OP Theme song for TV Anime Majimojirurumo.

2015 – Second Album & 2nd LIVE 2015『Fun!Fun!Fantasic Funfair!』

Moving on to this year 2015, her 2nd and latest album was released on 8 April. “Fantastic Funfair” had a total of 11 tracks and managed to reach 5th place on the Weekly Oricon charts at that time. On 21 October 2015, her 5th single will go on sale. “Light for Knight” is used as the OP Theme song for this season’s TV Anime Lance N’ Masques.

Enough of reading, let’s take a look at some tracks from her 2nd album and upcoming single.

Suzuko Mimori at Past P’s Live Concerts

You might wonder what does P’s Live got to do with Suzuko Mimori? P’s Live features Pony Canyon’s solo artistes, which includes Suzuko Mimori amongst others. In order to have a better idea on what Suzuko Mimori might perform at AFASG’s P’s Live, let us take a look at what she had done at past P’s Lives.

In the first edition of P’s Live back in 2014, the flow of her segment goes something like this (Youko Hikasa segment was before hers):

  • Talk Corner (Q&A with label-mate)
    • Youko Hikasa -> Suzuko Mimori
  • Collaboration (Youko Hikasa, Suzuko Mimori)
    • Sore ga, Ai deshou (それが、愛でしょう) from TV Anime Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
  • Solo Segment (Suzuko Mimori)
    • Univer Page (ユニバーページ)
    • Gurori! (グローリー!)
    • Aitai yo… Aitai yo! (会いたいよ…会いたいよ!)
    • Koi no kimochi wa 5% (恋のキモチは5%)
    • Seiippai, Tsutaetai! (せいいっぱい、つたえたい!) (TV Size)
  • Talk Corner (Q&A with label-mate)
    • Suzuko Mimori -> Ayana Taketatsu

In the second P’s Live in March of this year held at Yokohama Arena a new segment was introduced. There is now an Artiste side and an Anime side (which features Pony Canyon-related anime). Suzuko Mimori had a part in both sides. For the Anime side, she was part of Sanshu Chuugaku Yuusha-bu from TV Anime Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru.

As part of Sanshu Chuugaku Yuusha-bu she performed 2 songs as well as a talk corner:

  • Hoshi to Hana (ホシトハナ)
  • Aurora Days

For her solo segment:

  • Gurori! (グローリー!)
  • Honto no Jibun (ホントのじぶん) collaboration with Nanamorichuu Gorakubu. Originally from TV Anime Shugo Chara!
  • Seiippai, Tsutaetai! (せいいっぱい、つたえたい!)
  • Heart Collection
  • Univer Page (ユニバーページ)

This is just a rough idea of what you might get to experience in a few weeks time.

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