When two of the biggest classic Japanese anime characters collide for the first time, it would be fitting if one of the biggest AniSong groups in Japan would perform their theme songs, right? Because that is exactly what we are getting as one of Japan’e biggest AniSong groups, JAM Project, will be performing the theme songs for the upcoming crossover movie, Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman.


The anime-based rock band consisting of veteran anisong artistes will be performing both the OP song and the ED song. The OP song is dedicated to the Cyborg 009 side and is titled Cyborg 009 ~Nine Cyborg Soldiers~, while the ED song is dedicated to the Devilman side and is titled Devil Mind ~Ai wa Chikara~. Both JAM Project songs will be released as one single this November 2015, and will exclusively be sold in Animate, L-Mart, and BVC.

The new poster visual for the movie has also been revealed:


With the tagline “Who will survive…?”, the Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman is slated to premiere this October 2015 for a limited time of two weeks. The story will follow the meeting between Cyborg 009 main character, Joe Shimamura and Devilman main character, Akira Fudou. As the title and the tagline suggests, it won’t be a peaceful one.

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Devilman creator, Go Nagai himself, has acknowledged that both series are “like oil and water” as they simply do not mix at all. However, this is really happening and there is much excitement for this movie as many are excited to see the two classics, one representing science and technology, the other representing the occult, collide.

Source: Famitsu