Nintendo is venturing into the new world of smartphone gaming, and they are definitely not holding back as the mobile gaming innovator responsible for the Gameboy and 3DS systems has announced their latest Pokemon game, Pokemon GO. After looking at the trailer you will understand why fans are super hyped about this announcement.

The new game, which will be available for iOS and Android smartphones, will allow trainers to find Pokemon in areas you would least expect. The new game app would alert you if there is a wild Pokemon nearby and direct you to its present location.Once a user spots a Pokemon, they can then use a Pokeball to capture it. And just like the Pokemon games, if you encounter a trainer, you can go on a battle with them! You can also team up with them to go on boss battles, such as going up against powerful Pokemon such as Mewtwo!

pkmn0 pkmn1 pkmn2

The Pokemon Company has also started streaming the press conference which announced the new smartphone game.

Wow, doesn’t this game just wanna make you catch’em all?! The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2016, so it’s still gonna be a bit of a wait, but for the meantime, fans are getting aboard the Pokemon GO hype train and are certainly excited for this one.