One of the most useful devices in Steins; Gate is the Divergence Meter, which is made by the future Rintarou Okabe to measure the “Divergence Value” of the current world line in relation to the absolute world line of 0%. In other words, the Divergence Meter is what he uses to measure how much the world has changed after he goes back in time to change the future.


That very device has been recreated by Asahi Living’s nixie tube and it can function just like a normal clock as it can tell the time and date, however, it can also do much more as it can also tell you the world value lines and the Beta World value lines, just like the real thing!


They will come in two sizes, namely the standard edition and the extended edition, and Asahi Living is releasing these clocks to the public, However, only 30 of them will be made. There will be 10 extended edition Divergence meter clocks made while there will be 20 standard edition clocks, and each one of them is not cheap at all! The extended edition costs a whopping 79,800 yen while the standard edition costs 74,600 yen.


According to Asahi Living’s official website, pre-orders will open on 1 October 2015 and these futuristic-yet-expensive clocks will be released on 15 October. I guess Okabe has finally gotten a patent on the Future Gadgets Lab inventions, huh?

Source: 0takomu