Cure Maid Cafe in Akihabara is one of the most famous maid cafes in the world, and they have often teamed up with various anime series for some special collaboration menu items. Interestingly their latest collaboration is not with a series, but with one certain character who has been seen working inside their cafe during episode 9 of Love Live! season 1.


With her birthday drawing near on 12 September, the famous maid cafe is celebrating the occasion with a very special menu dedicated to the one and only Kotori Minami, who they have described as a “model employee”.


Their special Kotori menu includes a fluffy omelette served with a side of salad worth 1,400 yen and a special healthy quiche worth 1,000 yen. They are also offering a sweet Kotori parfait worth 900 yen and a special Kotori cheesecake worth 600 yen for dessert. And finally, the elegant little bird of Love Live! will have two 500-yen tea sets to her name, the Muscat Oolong and the White Earl Grey, as well as a special Kotori beverage, which is also worth 500 yen.


Customers of the Kotori birthday menu will get some very special Kotori birthday postcards for free, and they can also purchase special limited edition Kotori mugs and coasters worth 1,000 yen each.

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The special menu will be available at the Cure Maid Cafe, which is found in the 6th floor of the Gee Store building in Akihabara, from 11 – 27 September 2015. Kotori Minami’s birthday will be on 12 September, and a special program will be held on the day before Kotori’s birthday.

Source: Yaraon!