Kingdom Hearts has been loved the world over, and in the latest episode of Man at Arms: Reforged, the youtube series forged the very complicated Oathkeeper Keyblade from Square Enix’s hit JRPG series.

Using a mix of traditional and modern forging techniques, the Stagmer Brothers and their crew worked out the Oathkeeper Keyblade’s complicated design by forging the many different parts of the blade, and then welding them together to form one really sharp Keyblade. They even used some real keys for the Keyblade’s keychain!


They smoothed out all the edges to make the Oathkeeper sharp, but it doesn’t just cut, it smashes stuff too. Hey, it might look impractical and unwieldy in a real battle, but it has a very surprisingly clean cut!


However, this ain’t the first time the Man at Arms show has featured a blacksmith forging a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade, as Hollywood blacksmith, Tony Swatton, also forged Sora’s original design Keyblade.