Ghost in the Shell is arguably one of the most iconic anime to ever come out of Japan, and it has inspired an official artwork using the traditional Japanese woodblock print, Ukiyo-e.


These special limited edition Ghost in the Shell Ukiyo-e prints will be released in celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary, and is inspired by the original movie’s poster. Only 300 of these woodblock prints will be made, and each one will be printed on traditional Japanese paper, and will cost a whopping 43,200 yen.

But why 43,200 yen on something printed on paper you say? One of the reasons may be because these prints will be made by an icon in the Ukiyo-e art form, Ichibe Iwano, a ninth-generation master of Echizen paper and considered as a “living national treasure”.

This print will be the first one in a series, with the second one being inspired by the latest Ghost in the Shell movie, which premiered last June in Japan. If you are interested in these traditional Ghost in the Shell woodblock artworks, you can pre-order them via

Source: Rocket News 24