Attack on Titan’s resident pint-sized powerhouse, Levi, might be humanity’s strongest soldier, but fans also know that he is one serious neat freak and really really really loooooooooves to clean things. That could be the key reason why he was chosen by the Osaka Loop Line as their spokesperson for a project that many know he would be proud of himself.


Captain Levi was chosen by the train line as their spokesperson for bathroom renovation campaign, which has humanity’s strongest soldier appearing in posters near Osaka Loop Line station bathrooms  in five stations, namely Noda Station, Tenma Station, Morinomiya Station, Ashiharabashi Station, and Fukushima Station. The posters feature “Cleaning Levi” telling everyone that the toilets need to be fixed, and they better do it quick, because if there’s anything Levi hates more than titans, its anything that is dirty.

The posters will remain in the bathrooms until 30 September and will aim to promote some new improvements such as water usage reduction and warm water cleaning.

The collaboration campaign is also to promote the Attack on Titan Exhibit WALL OSAKA exhibition, which launched back in 11 September at Grand Front Osaka. It will be held until 18 September 2015.

Source: Traffic News