You’ve probably heard of Japan’s maid cafes, butler cafes, manga cafes, and even tsundere or yandere cafes, but have you ever heard of a wife cafe? That’s because this unique new concept has been created by the Japanese theme cafe, Ore no Yome, which literally means “My Wife”.


Ore no Yome offers a unique cafe experience which feels like newly-married life where you arrive at your door and your wife greets you and offers you either a dinner, or a bath… or herself. They offer “home-cooked meals” with your wife serving them to you. And what’s more is that their staff are wearing apron bikinis, which is the fantasy for many newly wed husbands in Japan.


These wives really just want to make you feel right at home…


But if wives aren’t your thing, the cafe also offers “darling husbands”, who are also wearing swimwear aprons of their own. Free! anyone?


SINGLES REJOICE! Because now, you can pretend that you are married to somebody!

Ore no Yome can be found in the first basement floor of the Iwashita building in Ikebukuro, and are open from 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm, so if you are tired and coming home from work, why not let a fake wife or husband fix you some dinner in this unique cafe?

Source: Rocket News 24