Studio Ghibli’s movies have undoubtedly touched the lives of people around the world, and with popular movies getting sequels, its not surprising that fans demand sequels for some of the Ghibli movies. But which Ghibli movie do fans want a sequel the most? Japanese news site, Excite Japan, surveyed its readers and asked for their opinions on the matter. A total of 320 respondents answered their poll, and here’s what they had to say:

5. Princess Mononoke (29 votes)

CA.SU.Mononoke.1219.HO––**EXCLUSIVE**Slide# 15Scene from "Princess Mononoke." NEED I.D.sPhoto/Art by:Handout Art

4. Whisper of the Heart (36 votes)


3. Kiki’s Delivery Service (70 votes)


2. My Neighbor Totoro (90 votes)


1. Laputa: Castle in the Sky (95 votes)


With only a 5-vote differential, it was close, however, Laputa: Castle in the Sky was able to edge out heavy fan-favorite, My Neighbor Totoro for the first place finish. Fans who voted for Castle in the Sky said that they mostly want to see what has happened to Sheeta and Pazu and many are also wondering what has happened to that robot guarding Laputa’s garden.

On the other hand, Totoro voters want to see the grown-up versions of Mei and Satsuki, and whether they can still see and connect with Totoro.

Source: My Game News Flash