Aniplex+ will be releasing a brand new Sword Art Online figure as a follow-up to their Asuna and Suguha swimsuit figures. This time however, the fans have the power to choose which Sword Art Online character will be featured as a scale figure, and they have a total of 41 different characters/ versions/ avatars to choose from.


Fans can vote for which design is the one they want to see a figure of the most, and if they explain why this character needs a new figure, they may be able to win a set of two 1/6 scale swimsuit figures featuring Asuna and Suguha (Leafa). The winner will be chosen via a lottery, but unfortunately, only Japanese residents can join in this promotion.


Kirito and Asuna alone have eight entries each in this official election, with each one featuring a version or an avatar that they have used throughout the anime.

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Leafa/ Suguha gets second place with the second most number of entries at five, followed by Keiko/ Silica, Shino/ Sinon, Rika/ Lisbeth, who each have four entries. Other characters like Klein, Yui, and Yuuki have two entries each, while Agil and Sachi have only one entry each. Hey, there’s even the “what if?” figure possibility of Yuuki Konno, which features her as a student in the real world. You can cry now.

Voting can be done through this link: Voting period will only be until 15 October 2015.

Source: Crunchyroll