Cospa is recreating the glasses worn by Sword Art Online’s resident megane character/ archer/ sniper/ OTHER catgirl, Sinon, also known as Shino Asada in the real world. These half-rim glasses are not only for cosplay purposes, but they can also be used as practical prescription glasses for everyday use.


Scheduled for release on late January 2016, each pair of these Sinon eyeglasses will cost 10,000 yen (plus tax), but will come with default lenses which cannot be used by those who need prescription lenses.


However, several participating Coolens stores will have special lenses just for these glasses, so for an additional 2,500 yen, you can head over to these participating stores and have the lenses changed so you can wear the exact same glasses that the lovely sniper wears everyday. They are also quite stylish!


Source: Dengeki Online