When the live-action Attack on Titan movies were first announced, fans wasted little time suggesting which actors would fit the respective roles perfectly. And when the Hollywood live-action adaptation of Tiger and Bunny was announced, fans also wasted no time in making their own fan suggestions.

One of the fans suggesting the actors to play the characters for Hollywood’s version is Twitter user @dolceione_gh, and with some help from Photoshop, some might think that they can actually happen.

John Stamos as Kotetsu T. Kaburagi


Alex Pettyferas as Barnaby Brooks Jr.


Elle Fanning as Karina Lyle


Chloe Moretz as Pao-Lin Huang


Ty Simpkins as Ivan Karelin


Tom Cruise as Keith Goodman


Chris Hemsworth as Antonio Lopez


Jonte’ Moaning as Nathan Seymour


Robert Downey Jr. as Robert


Masi Oka as Saito


Forest Whitaker as Ben Jackson


Steve Martin as Albert Maverick


Since Tiger & Bunny first premiered, many fans have been giving comparisons between Tom Cruise and the character of Keith Goodman, also known as Sky High, so it makes a lot of sense that many fans want him for the role. And for those who watched Tropic Thunder, we all know that the Mission Impossible star can turn on the goofiness.

Others were also interesting choices, such as Elle Fanning as Karina Lyle/ Blue Rose, and Chris Hemsworth as Antonio Lopez. Others meanwhile, especially ones from the west, prefer Chris Tucker for the role of Nathan Seymour/ Fire Emblem, as his performance in the Bruce Willis movie, The Fifth Element, is considered spot-on for the fiery NEXT hero.

So, who do you guys pick as the ones worthy to star in the film?

Source: Rocket News 24