Hollywood is officially making a live-action Tiger & Bunny movie, and this was announced during the New York Comic Con’s Sunrise & Bandai Namco Pictures panel. Yes, you heard that right, a Tiger & Bunny Hollywood movie!


All Nippon Entertainment Works, together with Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code) and Brian Grazer at Imagine Entertainment, will be producing the film. According to Bandai Namco Pictures’ Masaki Nozaki, “Stern Bild was modeled after Manhattan, so we are happy to announce this here today,” in which, he was referring to the city which acts as the setting for the popular superhero anime.

Meanwhile, All Nippon Entertainment Works’ Sandy Climan commented that “We want to blend the best of the original property that is true and faithful to the characters for the fans,” which means this might be the faithful anime-to-Hollywood adaptation that fans have been waiting for.  Both the screenwriter and the director have yet to be decided.

As expected, the news had a mixed reactions from fans, with some groaning as they are afraid this might be another disaster like Dragon Ball Evolution, while some have high hopes as not all Hollywood adaptations are considered to be bad, Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise for example, and that movie was adapted from a manga called “All You Need is Kill.” And here am I wondering which actors are going to play Kotetsu and Barnaby…