During the Kyoto Animation fan event, KyoAni & Do Fan Days 2015, it was announced that Kyoto Animation’s musical anime, Sound! Euphonium, will be getting a new animated feature film. The new film is titled Gekijou-ban Hibike! Euphonium ~ Kitauji Koukou Suisōraku-Bu e Youkoso~, which means Sound! Euphonium the Movie: Welcome to the Kitauji High School Band!


According to the event’s announcement, this new film will be a compilation movie, which will feature the events shown during the TV anime.

But wait, there’s more! The event also announced that Sound! Euphonium will also be having a sequel TV anime series. This second anime is set to take place right after the events of the first season, which is right after the grueling Kansai tournament!


So what will happen during this new TV anime? I guess we will find out soon enough as more announcements are sure to arrive in the days ahead, so stay tuned!

Source: 0takomu