Coming up this December, “Wake Up, Girls” will be starting their roadshow for the second sequel of the movie, “Beyond the Bottom”. What surprises will come along this movie?

“Wake Up, Girls” will be releasing their new single, also the theme song for the movie, “Beyond the Bottom” on the 9th December 2015. The song will also be the theme song for the movie.

BtB jacketBtB jacket 1

The new single comes with a music video that is previewed a few days ago.

The song, which explains the theme of the movie and the difficulties the idols would face. Great dance and beautiful locations taken for this music video, definitely a single to get this December!

“Wake Up, Girls!” is an anime about a tiny production company based in Sendai, Green Leaves Entertainment, on a verge of going out of business. The company last desperate actions to scout out seven girls to form an new idol unit, hoping to save itself by using this unit to take over another established idol unit, the I-1 club.