The Evangelion Shinkansen, or the 500 Type Eva, is already transporting passengers between Osaka to Fukuoka once per day. The special shinkansen service started operations back on 7 November, which was also the very same day a certain cafe started operations in the JR Hakata Station.

The 500 Type Eva Cafe is celebrating the new Evangelion Shinkansen collaboration, and is serving a very special menu inspired by the now-20 year old mecha anime classic. The cafe is open for a limited time until March 2016, which is just about the same time the train ends its service. The cafe offers the following exclusive menu items:

 500 Type Eva Curry (Shito Curry or Angel Curry): 1,200 yen


 500 Type Eva Cider: 600 yen (comes with free Evangelion coaster)


500 Type Eva Toast: 600 yen (comes with strawberry, blueberry, and apple cinnamon jams)


500 Type Eva Hotcakes: 800 yen


500 Type Eva Coffee (served with two NERV Cookies): 700 yen


500 Type Eva Sweets Set: 1,000 yen


The 500 Type Eva Sweets Set features an Eva Shinkansen-shaped purple cake served with matcha ice cream on top of whipped cream. The cake is actually made by the famous Fukuoka-based sweets shop, Strawberry Fields.

To make sure you don’t get lost in Hakata Station trying to find the cafe, or the special 500 Type Eva shop, here is a map of where they are located:


The station’s local Books Kiosk or Book Studio store is also offering special Eva Shinkansen book covers, which come free with any book purchase. Only 150,000 of these are made, and are only available while supplies last.


Source: Rocket News 24