Any Love Liver would know that Love Live!’s resident idol fangirl, Hanayo, does not only like school idols, she also just loooooooooooooooooves eating rice. Her love for the Japanese staple food is evident in her large portions of rice eaten every meal, and the fact that she can instantly tell when the rice she is eating is from an old stock or is newly harvested.


As she just loves rice so much, she is getting her own brand of rice named “Hanayo.” They are offering up these Hanayo rice in 1Kg bags, which are worth 3,240 yen. I wonder if Hanayo herself can appraise the quality of this rice?


And for those who cannot afford to cook large portions of rice at a time, they are also offering special 500mL PT bottles of uncooked rice, which are perfect for people living alone.

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Now ain’t that nice? Now Hanayo can accompany you as you eat! Though she could probably eat a whole lot more than you…

Source: Yaraon!