During the Shaft 40th anniversary exhibition event known as Madogatari, the animation studio known for a lot of head tilting has revealed the very first trailer for the first part to Monogatari’s prequel trilogy, Kizumonogatari, which is titled Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen

Tekketsu-hen” is slated to premiere on January 8, 2015, and will follow the story of how Koyomi Araragi first met the vampire which will later become tied to him, Shinobu Oshino, who was formerly known as the powerful vampire, Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion-Heart-Under-Blade.


The announcement for the trilogy was made as the Kizumonogatari official website’s countdown timer reached zero, which revealed three new Monogatari movies based on Kizumonogatari. They are titled “Tekketsu-hen” (Ⅰ鉄血篇), Nekketsu-hen (熱血篇) which is the second movie, and Reiketsu-hen (冷血篇), the final movie to the series.

The cast confirmed to return to the series are:

  • Koyomi Araragi: Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion-Heart-Under-Blade: Maaya Sakamoto
  • Tsubasa Hanekawa: Yui  Horie
  • Meme Oshino: Takahiro Sakurai

The movie will be directed by The World God Only Knows character designer, Akio Watanabe, while the original series director, Akiyuki Shinbo, will be serving as chief director over at Shaft.

The movie adaptation of NisiOisin’s popular prequel light novel was announced back in 2011, and it came complete with a trailer. The movie was originally scheduled for 2012, but it was briefly listed for Fall 2013. After that listing, the movie went into production limbo and people were wondering what ever happened to the project, with many doubting that the animation studio behind the Monogatari anime, SHAFT, has already dropped the anime.