It is hard to believe that we are now having our 20th Case Closed! or Detective Conan movie. The new film is titled Detective Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare, or “Pitch Black Nightmare.” To tease fans even further, TOHO has started streaming a new trailer for this groundbreaking 20th movie, here it is:

The video teases that the movie will pit “Detectives vs Public Safety vs FBI vs Black” in an all-out battle royale for several stolen intelligence files from some of the world’s most foremost intelligence agencies, like the CIA, MI-6, and BDN, as well as the FBI. It was also revealed that the notorious Black Organization, who are some of Conan Edogawa’s many enemies in Gosho Aoyama’s mangas, will be involved in the film.


The movie is slated for release on 16 April 2016, which will be almost a year after the 19th movie, Flowers of Inferno, was shown in Japan, which was last 18 April 2015. The first movie, The Time Bombed Skyscraper, premiered April 1997.