Gamers usually encounter harmful blue light every single day, and this causes eye strain in many. However, fret not, as Japanese glasses makers, Heart-Up, is offering up new PC glasses to cut those harmful blue light rays everytime you play games, and maybe, you can channel the Sword Art Online characters as well.


Featuring specially-tinted Blue Light-Blocking lenses, each pair costs 5,680 yen and comes in six different models. Each pair will also come with a special cleaning cloth featuring the character who inspired the pair of glasses, as well as a soft carrying case.


The six designs, together with their respective specially designed cleaning cloths are:

Kirito (Calibur arc ver.)

68 70 71

Kirito (Aincrad ver.)

q1 q2 q3

Asuna (ALO Titania ver.)

a1 a2 a3

Asuna (Aincrad ver.)

a4 a5 a6

Leafa (Fairy Dance ver.)

155 156 157


r1 r2 r3

Just asking, can Yuuki’s cleaning cloth be also used to wipe our tears and not only the glasses?

But if you want all six designs because your that big of an SAO fan, they are releasing 100 special box sets featuring all six designs plus two exclusive limited edition cleaner cloths plus one exclusive limited edition soft case, and one special box, all for 34,080 yen. These glasses are slated for release later this month.

w1 w2 w3 w4

But if glasses aren’t your thing and prefer contact lenses, Heart Up is also offering special SAO contact lenses worth 250 yen. There are nine designs in total, and you can get all nine for 2,500 yen.

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Source: Rocket News 24