The old Japanese capital of Kyoto has a lot of shrines, and many of them are struggling to even be recognized. Sure, there are many iconic and popular shrines in Kyoto, but have you ever heard of the Kyotodai Shrine? Chances are, probably not. However, this little-known shrine is making waves, all thanks to a new moe mascot, and in typical Japanese shrine fashion, she’s also a shrine maiden!


Her name is Miko-tan (in the Kansai region, -tan is used instead of -chan), and she is now the latest mascot for the Kyotodai Shrine. Like many shrines, the Kyotodai Shrine is selling charms for a variety of purposes, such as warding off evil, getting good grades, and so on, however, for the Kyotodai charms have been moe-fied, thanks to Miko-tan. How’s this for wading off evil?


To get your own Miko-tan charm, head over to the Kyotodai Shrine, and it is located here:

Source: Rocket News 24