Last year, Ai Takabe shocked the seiyuu industry when she was arrest by the Tokyo Metropolitan police after they found cocaine inside her house. After it was found out that she had been using cocaine, she was dropped by many of her projects, and her contract abruptly terminated by her agency, Oscar Promotion. However, the seiyuu seems to be bouncing back, as she has been cast as part of a live-action detective special on TBS.


Titled Sen no Sousakan Nishi Kaneko, the 2-hour detective drama special will be airing on 15 February.

Last 15 October, Takabe was arrested for possession of cocaine. She was later subjected to a drug test, which she tested positive for cocaine use. The industry was not kind to her after her arrest, because just a few hours after her arrest, Bandai Visual and Amazon immediately removed any anime she appeared on, including Kill Me Baby. Hopefully, she can bounce back after this appearance on the detective drama.

The controversial seiyuu is best known for her role as Agiri Goshiki in Kill Me Baby, as well as Fumi in the yuri anime. Sweet Blue Flowers.  She was also a former member of the Bishiujo Club 31 idol group, and she frequently appeared in several live-action TV shows.

Source: ANN