OKAYADO’s New York Times bestselling manga, Everyday Life with Monster Girls, or Monster Musume, just got an anime adaptation last year. And this year the Monster Girls and Darling are returning for a special Original Anime DVD (OAD), scheduled for release on 12 November 2016.


The OAD will be coming bundled with Monster Musume’s Vol. 11 Tankoubon compilation release, and the pre-orders for the bundle will only be accepted until 19 September. This new OAD will be animating the manga’s Chapter 17, which will feature the Kobold Gym story where Miia, Centorea, and Mero visit a gym for monster girls, in poor Darling in tow.


Like the 2015 TV anime, Seva will be animating this OAD, with director Tatsuya Yoshihara and writer Kazuyuki Fudeyasu returning to lead the OAD’s staff.

Source: MoCa News