The 67th Annual Sapporo Snow Festival has now kicked off in Sapporo earlier this month, and we have already seen the Attack on Titan and Dragon ball Super snow sculptures. This time, we’ll take a look at some of the other awesome sculptures, starting with a Snow Festival icon… Snow Miku, and her trustly little sidekick, Rabbit Yukine!

Snow Miku has been the symbol of the event since 2010, and she has recently teamed up with Love Live! to promote the annual winter festival. Meanwhile, Love Live! also had a snow sculpture of their own.

That final tweet by @kitajima_t also featured a Macross Frontier snow sculpture, which also features a VF-1J, Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome. here’s another look at it:

Meanwhile, SHAFT was also present, and also featured a snow sculpture for their Madogatari 40th Anniversary exhibition. The sculpture features SHAFT studio anime, Monogatari (Shinobu) and Madoka Magica (Madoka and Kyuubey) in a cross-over.

Now that is snow art! The event is currently ongoing, and is being held from 5 – 18 February 2016 in Sapporo, Hokkaido.