Aya Uchida is known for many things. She is not only a seiyuu, but she’s also a singer, as well as a host. However, being many things means that some of her personas tend to differ with each other. In a new tweet, the lovable seiyuu has asked a question to the fans, and it is a tough one: Which Aya persona do you prefer?

Though she did not include it in the four images in that tweet, Aya Uchida the School Idol has garnered a legion of followers around the world. Voicing Kotori Minami in Love Live! has definitely given her a global audience, and her “Kotori Personality” has presented her as a sweet and happy-go-lucky girl, just like Kotori herself.


But while many see “School Idol Aya” as a bit childish and often has an air of innocence in her, “Solo Singer Aya” is presented as a bit more mature. However, even “Solo Singer Aya” is presented as two different types, one as the rocker in Bitter Kiss and the other as the sweet lolita in Sweet Tears.

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However, for her Niconico webshow, “Webcast Aya” is a whole different persona than the other two, as she often presents herself as a beer-loving bottle fairy, as she is often featured holding either a can of beer, or a bottle of beer.

And it also seems that she partied a little bit too hard last Christmas too!

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So, which Aya is your favorite?

Source: Aya Uchida Twitter