To KanColle’s admirals, Yuka Ootsubo is the voice behind the “Base Lesbian Torpedo Cruisers of Maximum Over-Crit,” Ooi and Kitakami, as well as the Aviation Battleships, Ise and Hyuuga, the Heavy Cruisers, Furutaka and Kako, and the Light Aircraft Carriers, Junyou and Hiyou. The seiyuu was recently invited to play the arcade game, and unsurprisingly, she used some of the ships she voices.

She starts off by introducing us to the fleet girls she is voicing, and also discusses about the cards which players can get when they play the arcade game. She then goes on and plays the game, as she starts to show off her ship girls, starting with the Aviation Battleship, Ise.


She then sorties her ships, which fans have lovingly dubbed the “Ootsubo Fleet,” and shows how to use the “steering wheel” when controlling the ships. She then encounters some Abyssals, where she showed off Ise and Hyuuga’s firepower. The gameplay for the arcade version is proving to be a lot more different from the original PC version, or even the new KanColle Kai PS Vita game, as dodging enemy fire becomes all too real.


After her sortie (and getting KTKM some heavy damage), she heads back to her office where she is greeted by KTKM and Ooi, as well as other ships, where she showed that she really likes Inazuma and was really excited when she saw her, Nano Desu! The arcade edition is slated for release sometime in spring 2016.