Jump Next #1 has made several important announcements regarding Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s bestselling basketball manga, Kuroko’s Basketball. The big news is that the sequel spin-off manga, Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game, will be adapted into an anime film this coming 2017.


Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game follows Team Vorpal Swords, which comprises of Kuroko Tetsuya, Taiga Kagami, and the members of the Generation of Miracles. They will be playing for Japan’s honor against Team Jabberwock, a team from the United States of America. Fans of the basketball scene would know that the USA is the #1-ranked country in the sport and home to the NBA, the world’s premiere basketball league.


Jump Next did not announce much details on the upcoming anime film, but they did announce that the anime’s Winter Cup arc will also be adapted into a series of three compilation movies. More details on the three Winter Cup compilation films, as well as Extra Game, will be made in the days ahead, so stay tuned.

Source: Comic Natalie