Love Live! has recently teamed up with convenience store chain 7-Eleven, and together with Fuji Film for a special collaboration. The partnership feature a must-have for any Love Liver out there, who loves photography and school idols, which is the Love Live! instant camera, also known as the μ’s Instant Mini.


Featuring the silhouettes of all nine μ’s members in the front, and their autographs in the back, this instant camera can take pictures and instantly print out photos right after you have taken them. These cameras will be limited edition items, and will only be available in 7-Eleven convenience stores around Japan.


They are also releasing Love Live! photo paper, which will compliment these Love Live! instant cameras nicely. They come with 10 different frame designs, all of which feature the μ’s school idols. The film also contains ten different varieties of frame featuring adorable Love Live! illustrations and a variety of color schemes.

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It also comes with its own camera case, and you can snap pictures and print them without even taking off that case.


All in all, the camera, the film, the case, and the photo paper will be sold as a set for 14,958 yen, and will only be on sale for a limited time, which is during the whole month of March.

Source: Rocket News 24