May’n and Megumi Nakajima have made a name for themselves with Macross Frontier, and the upcoming Macross Delta TV anime is aiming to replicate their success with this new batch of theme song singers, who are most certainly following in the footsteps of their predecessors. While Minori Suzuki is seen as the successor to Megumi Nakajima, a young 15-year old singer named Junna is being touted as the successor to May’n, who served as the singing voice to Sheryl Nome.


 May’n had previously provided the vocals for all of Sheryl Nome’s songs, and similarly, the young Junna will be providing the vocals for all of Mikumo Guynemer’s songs. Now 15, Junna first recorded “Ikenai Borderline” as a 14-year old middle school student, which makes her the youngest Macross theme song singer yet.


While Mikumo will be voiced by Ami Koshimizu, Junna will be the singing voice, which means that the character will have a separate seiyuu and singer, just like Sheryl Nome.


This was announced during the “Macross Delta Housou Chokuzen Runpika Joueikai” (Macross Delta Pre-Broadcast Runpika Screenings) event, which revealed that the anime’s OP theme song will be titled Ichido Dake no Koi Nara” (If I Love Only Once), and it will be performed by Walküre. Aside from Mikumo, the other seiyuu from the fictional idol unit will both be acting out and singing for their respective characters. You can check out the voice cast here:

Meanwhile, for the ED song, Minori Suzuki will be performing “Run ga Pikatto Hikarittara.” Both songs will be released as singles, and they are expected to hit the shelves on 11 May. Meanwhile, a new TVCM for Macross Delta has also been revealed, and it features the Walküre song “Bokura no Senjou.”

Source: ANN