Fast food giant, McDonald’s, has long employed part-timers in their countless restaurants around the world, and Japan is certainly no different, and McDonald’s Japan is trying to attract more part-timers to work for them with a series of animated ads which feature the idols of AKB48! The new campaign is called “Mirai no Watashi.”

Now that’s certainly “Service with a Smile,” ain’t it? The ads are part of their “Crew ni Narou. Campaign” which aims to attract more part-time workers in Japan. Yui Yokoyama (as the manager) and AKB48 Team 8 member, Rin Okabe (as the part-timer), voiced the first video. There are other versions for other areas, such as this one released for the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, and other near-by areas), which stars Yui Yokoyama and Nanami Yamada:

Meanwhile, Yokoyama retains her manager role once again for the Tohoku region, but the part-timer is now voiced by Nanami Satou.

For the Shikoku region, the part-timer is voiced by Yurina Gyouten, while Yokoyama is the manager… again.

More versions of these ads, which are animated by Studio Colorido, will be released for Japan’s other regions starting 4 April.


Source: Kai-You