Pokemon is celebrating 20 years of success, and one of the products which has been instrumental in the franchise’s success is the Pokemon Trading Card Game, which has undergone a lot of changes through the years. To clebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, UK artist, Quentin Devine, recently recreated a Pikachu card by making a gigantic mosaic which is made of 12,987 Pokemon Cards,


Measuring 10 meters tall and 7 meters wide, this gigantic Pikachu mosaic was unveiled in Paris by the Pokemon company, together with its creator, Quentin Devine. Fans, and even Pikachu himself, lined up for a photo-op with this gigantic Pokemosaic.

pk2 pk3 pk4

Well, now that’s a lot of energy cards indeed! The 20th anniversary for Pokemon not only includes this mosaic, but also the release of the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games, the upcoming Pokken Tournament fighting game, a new Pokemon movie, and many more.

Source: Kotaku