March is the month of graduations, where the school year ends and the third years movie on to either get work or onto higher education. Like many schools around the world, Japanese schools often pay tribute to their graduating students, however, Believe it or not, one school in Shiga Prefecture has greeted its graduating students with one very unique Naruto sand art!


Ayaha High Schoolm in Shiga Prefecture has a tradition of greeting its graduating students with some amazing sand art in their own tennis courts. The greetings are made by the school’s tennis club, which makes these artworks in sand, which would be a fond and fitting farewell to any graduating high school student.


The Ayaha Tennis Club’s tradition featured a Naruto sand art this year, however, last year, they greeted the graduating high school students with none other than Luffy from One Piece.


Using sand is actually quite symbolic, as Rocket News 24 points out. They said that

all of the sand in these works of art will slowly be blown away in the wind, going in their own directions and finding new places to live… just like all of the graduating students.

The tradition has been going on for 10 years now, and even though the tennis club is required to clean up the courts after graduation, this is still one very touching tribute for any graduate out there.

Source: Rocket News 24