Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of Studio Ghibli’s most unforgettable anime films, and its titular character, Kiki, has touched the lives of many who have watched her movie. Kiki is a little witch who has moved out of her parents’ home and lives in a bakery, and one entertainment complex in Oita Prefecture has recreated that exact bakery.


The bakery that is recreated based on the bakery that Kiki lived in can be found in the Yufuin Floral Village in Oita Prefecture, in the Japanese island of Kyuushu. The village is an entertainment and hotel complex that looks like a small town in the European countryside, which fits the theme of the Ghibli movie completely.


Kiki’s iconic broom can be seen in the bakery’s sign board, and her beloved black cat, Jiji, can be found “imprisoned” near the bakery’s door. Poor cat…

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Looks aside, Kiki’s Bakery is actually a working bakery, though there is no little witch flying around on a broom to deliver some goodies. They even have a “Kiki’s Recommendation” for one selected item, and it seems that their croissants are quite delicious as well!

Wow, that makes me hungry. Doesn’t that make you wanna wish Kiki would deliver these at your doorstep?

Source: Rocket News 24