Bandai Namco is taking people to the world of virtual reality with a brand new pop-up virtual reality experience area called “VR Zone: Project i Can.” The project aims to “pursue further possibilities in virtual reality” and gain feedback from the visitors in order to get its goals.


“VR Zone: Project i Can” can be found in Tokyo, and is open for appointment only. This means you cannot just walk in and have a virtual reality experience. It provides a variety of virtual reality experiences, including something called the “Fear of Heights Show,” which lets people walk a plank and try to rescue a cat. It’s a pretty intense and scary VR experience, as shown in the project’s official video:

Saving a virtual cat is scary! Other experiences include:

  • “Skii Rodeo”
  • “Real Drive”
  • “Escape Ward Omega” (horror game set in a large hospital)
  • “Train Master”
  • “Argyle Shift” (a mecha experience where you ride a giant robot… because its Bandai Namco with Gundam and all…)

It will open starting 15 April, and will only be open until mid-October 2016. You can visit the VR Zone’s official website here.

Source: Project ican official via Gematsu