The  month of March is the fateful time when high school students in Japan have their graduation ceremonies and bid goodbye to their teachers and schoolmates from high school! It is probably a happy and emotional event for most high school students, as they move on to the next stage of lives. Of course, an emotional graduation ceremony is not complete without an emotional graduation song. Do you recall any popular graduation songs released in Japan in the recent years? If you don’t recall any, here are some tear-jerking graduation tunes you must not miss!

Sotsugyou made ni tsutaetai koto (Something i want to tell you before graduation)

By erica

This song is from the album, “Koku uta 2: Sotsugyou made ni tsutaetai koto” which was just released on 2nd March this year. It’s a continuation of  the album, “Koku uta: Anata e okuru uta,” and both albums feature sweet love songs that portray how teenagers feel when they’re in love.


Seishun fu (Ode to youth)

By Momoiro Clover Z

This song by Momoiro Clover Z walks us through the life of a high school student, from the point where they enter the unfamiliar grounds of high school, until the time they bid farewell to their classmates. With a choir backing Momoiro Clover Z as they sing the song, they are portrayed like a school choir performing at the high school graduation ceremony, and it would definitely be an appropriate song to sing on one’s graduation day.


Sakura no Kisetsu (Cherry blossom season)


Sakura no kisetsu (cherry blossom season) was written by none other than ATSUSHI himself. It has a really soothing melody and definitely emotionally evoking. With ATSUSHI’s comforting singing voice, what more can we ask for? It’s the perfect tune to move your classmates to tears on graduation day!


Sakuramichi (Path of cherry blossoms)

By Tohoshinki

When one thinks of the graduation season, the image of full bloom cherry blossoms definitely come to mind. Like this song, many graduation-themed song titles over the years have the word “sakura” in them. The lyrics of the song are a little different from the rest as they tell the story about lovers who have gone their separate ways after graduation, but finally meeting each other again after a long time. Perhaps it reminds listeners of their courting days in high school, and to cherish the loved ones they have by their side.


It’s always interesting to look forward to new singles released during this graduation period in Japan every year. Are there any graduation-themed songs that perfectly remind you of the time you graduated from high school?