Mamare Touno (real name: Daisuke Umezu), the Japanese novel author who is best known for his two works, Log Horizon and Maouyu: Maou Yuusha. He was recently charged and now has been found guilty of tax evasion by the Tokyo District Court. Both of his works have received very successful anime adaptations.

The author has been sentenced to 10 months in prison, but that sentence has been suspended for three years, and will be cancelled if Touno remains in good behavior during that three year period. m2ladeJAM, Touno’s rights management company, was also levied a fine of 7 million yen.

According to reports, Touno did not pay the full amount of taxes he was supposed to pay, and neither did he report all of his earnings to the local tax office. He reportedly withheld information that he earned over 120 million yen in royalties from his books and contracts with major publishers by March 2014, making him pay approximately 30 million yen less than what he’s supposed to pay.


This then led to the author going on house arrest, which then led to this guilty verdict. When he was arrested last April, Touno said in a statement that he already payed his taxes and he has cooperated with the government and completed all the necessary paperwork. Both his works have inspired successful TV anime, most notably Log Horizon, which inspired two anime seasons made by two different animation studios.

Source: My Games News Flash