Yesterday, we celebrated the special day for that one person who gave us all the love in the world, who has been there for us through thick and thin, and those who have supported us in our times of need. It’s for that one special woman in our life, and we are celebrating Mother’s Day here at AFA Channel, by taking a look at three very good mothers who set the example about being a good mom, and three moms whose examples we all should never follow.


Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto)


What Kushina did for her son, Naruto, is something that many mothers would do, and that is to give their lives for their children and make sure that they have a future. Sure, she may have a fiery temper, and may be one very scary mother, but then again, most mothers are like that, especially if their kid is as much of a problem child like Naruto. Kushina will forever remain as one of the best moms in anime, and her sacrifice, as well as her farewell to her son, has made fans shed a lot of tears.

Hana (Wolf Children)

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Raising kids can be difficult, but raising two half-werewolves is in a whole new level, and Hana provides a very unforgettable example of how a mother should be. After her werewolf husband dies, she is left to struggle alone to raise their two half-wolf kids. She never gave up, even if she knew it would be difficult. Being the mother of kids who are living in two different worlds has tested her resolve, and in the end, she raised her kids well enough to have their choice and follow their own paths.

Rinko Iori (Gundam Build Fighters)


Considered one of the most lovable and endearing mothers in all of anime, she actually became Gundam Build Fighters’ most popular character. As a mom, she is very supportive of Sei, and could be the biggest stage mom in all anime, as she never misses any of Sei’s competitions, whether it be watching her son battle it out live, or on TV, she would ALWAYS cheer for Sei, no matter what!


Ragyou Kiryuin (Kill la Kill)

Before anything else, play this in the background…

When we said the worst, you knew she was coming, right? While the moms above would do EVERYTHING for their kids, Ragyou would do everything to have alien clothes take over the world, and she will do so even if she has to kill her two daughters who are standing in her way. She is as ruthless as she is fabulous, as she threw her infant daughter down the trash when she found that she wasn’t very compatible to life fibers. Not very loving, is she? Well, at least she’s very fashionable, her hair shines like rainbows, and she always has killer background music everywhere she goes, right?!

Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater)


In the world of Soul Eater, witches can be downright evil, but there is one who is known for wanting so much power, that she will do everything to get it, even if it means subjecting her own child to various cruel and inhumane experiments. As her child, Crona has been the victim of downright child abuse, and has been ordered to do some very unspeakable acts. All Crona wanted was to feel a mother’s love, but sadly, the poor kid never really got it, as Medusa would only display”affections” for Crona when the child shows off some of that ruthless or psychotic behavior she loves so much.

Marianne vi Britannia (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)


At first glance, Lady Marianne would seem to be a good and loving mother, but as the series progresses, it seems that she wasn’t such a good mother after all. In Lelouch and Nunally’s memories, their mother is sweet and kind hearted, and very protective of them. However, all of that is just an act to cover up her own selfish ambition, as it was later revealed that she would not hesitate to kill them if they got in her way. Her love for her children is superficial, and just for show, much to the disappointment of Lelouch, who grew up idolizing his “loving” mother. Now that’s just cold, at least Medusa revealed that she actually loves Crona… in a sadistic and distorted way, but still loves her child none the less.

So to all the moms out there, happy Mother’s Day, and hopefully, you guys aren’t like Ragyou, Medusa, and Marianne, and more like Kushina, Hana, and Rinko!