Music meets Ghost in the Shell, as a new collaboration between the classic science fiction anime and TC Gakku store in Shinjuku has resulted in a uniquely-designed guitar, inspired by the franchise’s iconic spider-like technological marvel, the Tachikoma.


Called the “Tachikoma GT,” this Japanese-made, specially-designed guitar created by TC Gakku store features the mech’s iconic metallic blue coloration, as well as  the Public Security Section 9 logo, which any Ghost in the Shell fan can identify. To complete the Tachikoma theme, the mech’s eyes can be found right near the the bottom of the guitar.


This guitar was displayed at the Production I.G. store in Shibuya, right beside the 1/12 scale model of the Tachikoma itself. It comes with a 756,000 yen price tag, so one might really want to bust out those piggy banks to get one, and prepare for a whole lot of wallet bleeding!

Source: Crunchyroll