Traditional Japanese sweets are pleasing to the eye, and Bandai is taking them them to another level with these cute little tea sweets inspired by the lovable robotic cat Doraemon. Well, aren’t they just too cute to eat?!


Part of Bandai’s Tabe Masu, or “edible mascot” line of Japanese sweets, they are actually made from kneaded mochi rice flour and sweet bean paste and moulded into the lovable robot cat from the future. The blue Doraemon features a custard-flavored sweet bean paste filling, while the red Doraemon features a milk-flavored sweet bean paste filling.

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Each one of these cute little sweets are sold for 280 yen, which would pretty much be a bargain. They are now available in several stores, like Aeon Super Centers and Max Valu, Daei, and Aeon stores around the country, excluding Okinawa.


Rocket News 24’s Japanese writer, Meg, got to try out one of these Japanese sweets, and she shared that “the head and body were soft, while the face had a more chewy texture to it. Doraemon’s head, contained a tasty and rich milk-flavored bean paste.”

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Previously, Bandai also released Yo-Kai Watch versions of these sweets.

Source: Rocket News 24