Last week, Famitsu revealed that Koei Tecmo’s popular 3D fighting game, Dead or Alive 5 – Last Round, will be teaming up with Hiro Mashima’s popular shounen manga, Fairy Tail. The man behind the manga himself, Hiro Mashima, recently tweeted a much better look at the collaboration, which will feature DLC costumes inspired by the characters from the Fairy Tail manga.

He revealed that Honoka will be having her FT costume inspired by Lucy Heartfilia, and Wendy Marvell will be the one inspiring the DLC costume for her best friend, Marie Rose. Meanwhile, Kasumi’s costume will be inspired by “The Knight” herself, Erza Scarlett, while Nyou Tengu’s costume will be inspired by Sabertooth Guild’s Minerva Orland. Not included in his tweet are the previously revealed costume for Helena, inspired by Aquarius, and a costume for Eliot, which is inspired by Natsu Dragneel.

11_fairytail03 11_fairytailDOA03

More details on this collaboration, such as the release date and price for each DLC, will be revealed in the days to come.