Thanks to a certain sports anime from Kyoto Animation titled Free!, the small town of Iwami in Tottori Prefecture has been swarmed by anime fans on a “pilgrimage” and visiting some of the areas featured in the anime. Now, Iwami High School is seeking the help of 40 volunteers to clean their pool, and cosplayers can take part in it!

Taking a page from the anime’s first episode, where Free!’s main characters are forced to clean the pool they will be swimming in. Iwami High School, one of the holiest sites for Free! fans, is looking for a total of 40 volunteers, who will be split into two groups of 20. The first group will be scheduled to clean the pool on 4 June, while the second group will be cleaning on 12 June. A lottery will be selecting the volunteers.


The organizers of this pool clean up has specified that the volunteers are allowed to cosplay, and even do photo shoots around the pool area. Previously, this same pool, which was also featured in the anime, was the setting used in a Free! photo shoot.

The town has been quite known for its own Free! connections, as merchandise from the anime have been in the town, not to mention all those sites featured in the anime, which the fans absolutely love to visit.

Source: Nijimen