After years of memories, two of Weekly Shonen Jump’s most beloved titles will be coming to an end. The 35th issue of Shonen Jump’s magazine has revealed that both Nisekoi and Bleach will be ending in the exact same double issue, issue #36 – 37, which is due out in August.


As expected, both final chapters will be receiving their own color pages, along with Boruto, One Piece and Neverland, with Nisekoi getting a special color page in the middle. Naoshi Komi’s romantic comedy manga will be getting 25 pages for its final chapter.

Meanwhile, over at Bleach’s final chapter, Chapter 685, legendary mangaka, Tite Kubo, is expected to close out his 15-year series on a high note.

So, what are your favorite Nisekoi and Bleach moments? How are you feeling #TeamOnodera guys? Are you still OK? My favorite moment in Bleach has to be Kenpachi’s Bankai. It was something heavily speculated on by fans, and was something that blew the minds of many when it was revealed.

Source: Crunchyroll