After starring in the live-action stage play adaptation of Kuroko’s Basketball as Kuroko Tetsuya, Kuroko Tetsuya’s anime seiyuu, Kensho Ono is returning to the stage once again to act another one of his anime characters. However, this time he is reprising his role as Arata Kaizaki  from the popular summer 2016 anime, ReLIFE.

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The new visual reveals Ono as Arata, together with the other cast members. Like Kuroko Tetsuya, he not only voices Arata Kaizaki, but thanks to the stage play, he also acts as him in live-action. Talk about dedication to a character! He also talked about his character, the differences in voice acting and acting in live-action, and more in a new interview, while wearing his ReLIFE costume.

The play will first be shown at the Sunshine Theater in Tokyo from 8th – 19th September before heading to Osaka’s Umeda Arts Theater: Theater Drama City from 24th – 25th September. Advance tickets for the play will go on sale starting 17th July.


In addition to Ono, fellow seiyuu Actor Yuuichi Nakamura will also be joining the play. Nakamura will be playing Arata’s handler, Ryo Yoake, who like Arata is an adult, but becomes a high school student to watch over Ono’s character.


Other cast members include Taishi Suhie as Kazuomi Ohga, Seiya Konisha as Akira Inukai, and AKIRA as Nobunaga Asaji. Actress Moe Arai will be playing the female lead, Chizuru Nichidai.

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The live-action ReLIFE stage play will be a bit different from the TV anime, or the source manga created by Yayoiso, as new scenes will be added which are not from either the anime or the manga. The play will also be having a different ending from the other two media. However, the premise of the story will stay the same, with the main character, 27-year old Arata Kaizaki, being invited into the ReLIFE program to restart his life as a high school student.

Source: Theater Natalie