Last March, Jump Square asked fans to send chocolates to their favorite Prince of Tennis characters for Valentine’s Day. An overwhelming amount of fans responded, with a total of 112,863 chocolates being sent to the magazine. The chocolates also served as the basis for the manga’s new popularity contest, and here are the results:

  1. Keigo Atobe (8,948 chocolates)
  2. Shinji Ibu (7,995 chocolates)
  3. Seiichi Yukimura (7,384 chocolates)
  4. Kazuya Tokugawa (6,870 chocolates)
  5. Sadaharu Inui (5,412 chocolates)
  6. Kenya Oshitari (5,131 chocolates)
  7. Wakashi Hiyoshi (4,187 chocolates)
  8. Kunimitsu Tezuka (3,839 chocolates)
  9. Kuranosuke Shiraishi (3,597 chocolates)
  10. Renji Yanagi (3,564 chocolates)
  11. Shūsuke Fuji
  12. Kaoru Kaidou
  13. Akaya Kirihara
  14. Hiroshi Chinen
  15. Shuuichirou Ooishi
  16. Eishirou Kite
  17. Hajime Mizuki
  18. Yasuyuki Kiraku
  19. Takeshi Momoshiro
  20. Ryou Shishido

Now that’s a lot of chocolates! Just eating 3,564 chocolates, the number character #10 ranked Renji Yanagi got, is enough to make you sick. But in the end, Keigo Atobe, considered the manga’s most popular character, got 8,948 chocolates. To celebrate, mangaka Takeshi Konomi tweeted this image of the winner:


The chocolate contest has been a tradition for Jump Square, but they turned it into a simple poll back in 2015 because of the overwhelming amount of chocolates they have received. 2016 marked the return of their sweet tradition, and hopefully, the staff and mangaka Takeshi Konomi don’t get diabetes.


Source: ANN