SUMMER IS HERE! Even in the perpetual heat of equatorial Singapore, it is still impossible to ignore the heat wave that is sweeping over the island. Other than powerful air-conditioning and an endless supply of ice-cool drinks to beat the heat, who’s to say no to a playlist of refreshing pop tunes to keep our spirits up in energy-sapping humidity!
On WOWJAPAN this month, we are introducing you to catchy songs you may like to check out this summer for indulging in a bit of escapism, as temperatures soar outdoors.

SUMMER IS… idol galore!
This summer season, idol franchises are coming for Uta*puri’s crown. B-Project and Tsukiuta are pushing out highly anticipated anime adaptations, with both managing to draw old fans and new audiences with strong debut episodes.


B-Project brings together three units from the B-Project stable – KitaKore, THRIVE and MooNS – together in the anime for a collaboration. Written by real-life B-Project creators Chiyomaru Shikura and Takanori Nishikawa, opening single 鼓動*アンビシャス (Koudou * Ambitious) is a catchy piece that manages to mesh three stylistically different groups together without compromising too much on the distinct style of each member.

(Official CM region-locked)

Continue to catch B-Project over this summer season as they continue to push out more tunes from each of the units as ending themes for the episodes.
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Tsukiuta features two rival groups – Procellarum and Six Gravity. However unlike B-Project, the two groups are releasing separate songs that will serve as opening and ending themes for the anime series. First up is Six Gravity with GRAVITIC LOVE for the opening theme:

Ending theme LOLV -Lots of Love- will be sung by Procellarum. Individual songs from each of the members will be featured in each of the episodes, fans of Tsukiuta, look forward to more goodies each week!
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SUMMER IS… going on vacation and concert lives!
Idol game franchises are also upping their game with releases to engage players and fans offline in various avenues.

In line with their in-game song releases, IDOLiSH7 puts out specially made animated music videos for their singles from within the game. The most recent addition RESTART POiNTER has a sleekly produced video with scenes from a live performance interspersed with the boys bringing you out on a private yacht (with personally prepared feast and all).

Not forgetting their quintessential summer anthem NATSU☆しようぜ! Originally a release from rival group TRIGGER, the song has just been re-released as an IDOLiSH7 version, plus an IDOLiSH7 version featuring TRIGGER. The release commemorates the game’s first anniversary and a tie-in *spoiler alert* to “return” IDOLiSH7 what was meant to be their debut song.

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Not forgetting one of the pioneer franchises THE IDOLM@STER! Their male division, THE IDOLM@STER SideM, which had their first concert live last year is releasing the massive concert event on blu-ray this week. Featuring song (and dance) performances from the seiyuus and artistes behind each of their units (Jupiter, DRAMATIC STARS, Beit, High×Joker, W and S.E.M), this will certainly be a highlight for seiyuu fans this summer.

Also released on the same day, DRAMATIC STARS and High×Joker are releasing a combined single with 3 songs, a song each from each unit and a collaboration song.

Speaking of summer releases, I★CHUU also has releases lined up this month, from units F∞F and POP’N STAR kicking off their “creation” series.

SUMMER IS… sports!!
With such excellent weather, it would be a shame to not engage in physical activity to work those muscles! Although the inner hikkikomori in all of us would painfully disagree, here are some songs from sports teams to spur you into motion.

Galaxy Standard

From Prince of Stride, we have sporting idols from Saisei’s Stride Club (a form of running that’s parkour combined with relay racing) Galaxy Standard. The school representatives in the Stride Club double up as an idol band with their own catchy hit songs and hordes of screaming fans.

How can anyone mention summer sports without bringing up the iconic swimming anime from 2-3 summers back with hot bodies and hotter fan fervour?


Mention Free! and you may just be greeted with an impromptu rendition of “Hey Future Fish~”. Future Fish, Splash Free and other cheery tunes from STYLE FIVE (formed by the boys of the Iwatobi Swim Club plus Rin) should be added into your summer playlist.

Summer is just the perfect excuse for those with well-toned bodies to put them on display. So get out there, grab some sun, have some fun, and don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the view on display! As a final motivator, Mamoru Miyano’s harachira in SHINE: