During the Anisong event,  Animelo Summer Live 2016, the three-member unit known as ALTIMA has announced that they will be going on hiatus for an indefinite period of time. The group’s official website later confirmed the announcement of the hiatus.


According to the website’s announcement, the tro decided to go on break after a discussion between all the project team members. They said that they want to show a better Altima to everyone, and to do that, the group’s members must each concentrate on their respective individual activities  first. This means that the three artistes will be concentrating on their respective individual careers first, before reuniting again when the hiatus ends.

Best known for performing the theme songs for anime titles like Shakugan no Shana III, Strike the Blood, and Accel World, the trio is made up of Maon Kurosaki, SAT (Satoshi Yaginuma), and Motsu. Maon Kurosaki serves as the singer, while Motsu does the rapping. The trio recently teamed up with Kotoko for several collaboration songs.