The bi-annual doujinshi event known as Comic Market (or Comiket for short) has had a strong reputation of being crazy, and Comiket 90 is certainly no exception, with long lines just to get inside its venue, the Tokyo Big Sight.

During Day One of the 3-day event, one of Japan’s biggest stars made an appearance at the Tokyo Big Sight, fulfilling his dream of releasing his own doujinshi, and he is none other than T.M. Revolution. As we reported in an earlier article, the artiste responsible for singing the OP songs for Gundam SEED, Darker than Black, and Valvrave the Liberator, is participating in the event and releasing his own doujin.

Needless to say, good’ol TMR, whose real name is Takanoshi Nishikawa, whose name the Comiket 90 booth is registered to, drew a very long line for those wanting to check out his doujin.

And as for T.M. Revolution himself? Seems like he’s really happy with all the attention his booth has been making.


Here’s how long the lines supposedly went for his booth:

Meanwhile, even before the event even began, people have been slowly streaming into the Tokyo Big Sight via Kokusai-tenjijo station. People wanted to get their hands on some exclusive merchandise before anyone else, and they had to be fast or else the items they wanted might have gotten sold out. As soon as people arrived in Kokusai-tenjijo station, they have made a mad dash to the event venue, and it was all captured via camera:

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You can check out the entire video of that mad dash to Comiket 90 here:

Sources: yaraon! and 0takomu